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Frugal Friday Week 27

We survived another Thanksgiving. Good food, good company, and my Turkey Gravy was perfect. Gravy is one of those odd things that I don’t made often enough to feel comfortable with, so I has a jar at the ready just in case.

Today, Black Friday.

In sticking with my theme of Frugal Friday, I’d like to go back to one of my earliest frugal bits of advice, to stop buying magazines on the newsstand. Typically, you can get a year long subscription for the cover price of just a few issues. For the next two weeks, Cooking Light magazine has a “Friends and Family Program” and the subscription savings are huge. One example – Entertainment Weekly, I believe has a $3 cover price. For $10, you can get a year’s subscription, how crazy is that? Why would anyone buy it at the supermarket? Take your $140 saved and go make an extra payment to a credit card.

Note – this is not an affiliate link, the link is to CookingLight.com/FAF and it immediately changes to a Time Warner page. I will always disclose any interest in a referral I discuss in a post.

Enjoy the weekend, don’t spend too much today!


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