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Frugal Friday Week 7

Subtitled, “The CVS Edition.”

As part of watching your spending, timing purchases according to the sales cycles and using coupons to save even more, consider the deals that CVS offers week after week. A few weeks back, Dove bath soap, normally $8.29 for six bars, was on sale for $7. But CVS had an “extrabucks” (ECB) deal, if you spent $20 or more on this product, you’d get back $10 in ECBs. So, with no extra effort, you’re now at $11 for 18 bars, instead of $24.87. But wait, it gets better. By glancing at Erica’s web site I Heart CVS I was alerted to a $4 off $20 printable coupon. After presenting it, I also had two $1 coupons good off any multi pack of Dove. Final cost was $5, less than you’d pay for generic soap. The I Heart CVS site also offers a glance at the weekly flier up to a month or so out. Erica frequently posts her hauls on line so you can see her strategy and how she consistently is able to save 75% or more on these purchases. Take a look at there and see how you can turn just a few minutes of your time into a savings of $20 or more. Remember a dollar saved is not a dollar earned. It’s more like $1.50 or more that you’d need to earn to clear that $1 after taxes.

On a visit planned for the week of July 12, I plan to get Zaditor eye drops ($14.99 with $3ECB) three packs of pens ($0.99 with $0.99ECB on ea, two pair scissors ($2.99 with $2.99 ECB on ea) and two glues ($0.99 with $0.99 on each). Total bill, $25.92. I have a $5 ECB, a CVS coupon for $5 off the Zaditor and a $2 manufacturer coupon on the Zaditor, net register bill $13.92. But I also leave with $11.95 in ECBs or $6.95 more than I handed in. A net cost of $6.97 for a $15 necessity and a head start on a few school items.

As they say, your mileage may vary. Some weeks are better than others, but I find that with very little effort the savings make the planning worth it.


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