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Getting a TAN

When I wrote about The Next Bubble two weeks ago, I didn’t mention any of the companies involved in solar power. Part of my reason for that is I am not really a stock picker, and randomly suggesting companies in the industry would do my readers no justice. Last week I saw an episode of Fast Money on CNBC which brought to my attention that an ETF was introduced which “tracks solar and clean energy stocks.” It is the Clayton/MAC Global Solar Index, and trades on the NYSE under the ticker symbol TAN.

The top 5 fund holdings are:
First Solar – 8.77 %
Renewable Energy Corp – 7.45 %
Q-Cells – 6.44 %
Suntech Power Holdings – 6.19 %
JA Solar Holdings – 5.25 %

I am not recommending or discouraging purchase of this ETF, but it is a good alternative to trying to pick individual stocks when you believe a particular industry is ripe for appreciation.


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