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Going to the Dogs

I recently read that Leona Helmsley bequeathed $8 billion to a charitable trust dedicated to “the care and welfare of dogs.” I have nothing against dogs, or other pets, for that matter. When I read stories of people spending large sums of money on their pets, I think it’s their money, to spend as they wish. But enough is enough. $8 billion dollars? Some time ago, I posted about the Global Rich List, a web site that will tell you how well you’re doing compared to the rest of the world. This web site informs me that 1.3 billion people live on less than $1 per day. That $8 billion dollars could have been directed to a trust that could help to double the well being of one million people ($365M/yr is less than 5% of $8B) who are otherwise starving, not just for a year, but indefinitely. Queen of Mean, indeed.

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