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Good Reading This Past Week

Mrs Micah offers up an interesting spin on the John and Kate breakup. asking Would You Give Up a Job for Your Marriage?

On ChristianPF, Brandon Johnson review’s the book Nobody Wants a Million Dollars. Part of the review discusses the things that one would give up in the pursuit of that million, so I think I understand that angle the book’s author takes. Life is a matter of balance, and the singular goal of a certain sum of money may also result in life passing us by.

Jeff Rose authored a guest post at Bargaineering titled Why Naming Beneficiaries Is Important. No doubt, I completely agree. I did go on to comment, “Related directly to this, I wrote an article On My Death, Please Take a Breath in which I discussed how a woman passes, leaves her brother properly designated as beneficiary, but he withdraws the money for the IRA and gets a $40,000 tax hit. I suggest that a good plan leaves specific directions for the beneficiary.

Last, Moment on Money posts “Monte Carlo Simulations are Not Perfect.” Agreed, Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan reminds us of that. I hope you all find some good reading this coming week.


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