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Graduates of 2010

OMG! You graduated college. Congratulations! Last year I posted some advice that I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger at a commencement address he gave at USC.

This year, if you weren’t fortunate enough to have such a high profile speaker at your graduation, I’d like to step up and give you some advice of my own, guest posted at the TurboTax Blog, and titled New Grads: Four Tax Tips to Memorize Before Your New Job Starts.

Graduates of 2010, I wish you well.


(FTC disclaimer – This is where I’m supposed to tell readers if I was paid or compensated with anything of value for the reference to TurboTax. Nope. I actually do this for the sheer joy of helping people and sharing what i know. Although, a nice sweatshirt would be appreciated, x-large. Does the FTC give out t-shirts? You can send me one too)

  • Roshawn @ Watson Inc June 11, 2010, 11:41 am

    Very sound advice my friend. I especially like point number four: don’t stop spending like a student. BTW, thanks for the Tipd vote today!!!

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