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Homeless: Final Thoughts

This is the last post in an 8 part series on being homeless, by a guest author who goes by the name Dreamscaper. It’s my honor to share his story with my readers.

Most, if not all, people don’t choose to be homeless. If they are like me they don’t want to ask you for help more than you want to give a quarter to. When you are at the point of asking for a handout you are pretty bad off.

I’d imagine most homeless people can’t get back on their feet without a little help from people. How do you get a phone number and address and clean clothes when you are trying to figure out how you are eating today or this week? Giving a hungry person something to eat could motivate them to try to get back on their feet.

The Easter Sunday I was homeless I was reading a stolen book outside a church service on campus. After the service someone came out and offered me a piece of cake. They apologized for not having a fork or spoon. They were all out. They just wanted to give me a piece of cake with no strings attached. They didn’t try to convert me or anything. Just wanted to give me a piece of cake.

For anyone making it this far, this is the best thing I ever remembered during my time of being homeless. If you want to make a difference, do something nice for someone and don’t expect anything in return. You’ll always be remembered as “That person who came out with a piece of cake”.

Note from Joe – I hope you enjoyed this special series of posts. What was your attitude towards the homeless, and has it changed at all since reading this story? Let me know, I’d enjoy the discussion.

  • Mike September 12, 2011, 1:12 pm

    My feeling hasn’t changed much. I never believed in giving cash to people on the street. I worry that offers of money may be wasted in many cases on alcohol or drugs, but anyone will accept food if they are hungry.

    The series strengthened my personal support for local charities and nonprofits that can respond to such community needs as they arise. At the same time, i do think that help can only be given where help is requested (specific needs other than money).

  • JOE September 12, 2011, 1:28 pm

    “strengthened my personal support for local charities”
    That’s great, the series had an impact, which was my goal. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Anji September 19, 2011, 7:58 am

    It confirmed my views that anyone could end up on the streets. The story about the cake was interesting – you don’t have to give much for it to be worth a lot.

    We take so much for granted.

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