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A Horizontal Roundup

Horizontal, as in I’m having some lower back issues and have been lying flat most of this past week. But still reading my fellow PF bloggers and ready to put up the best of that reading.

Tom at Canadian Finance Blog answers the question “What is a Stock?” A simple question, but a great start for those who don’t quite get it yet. Interesting article with a nice graphic from mint.com. Tom – I look forward to part two “What is a bond?” It’s on your to-do list, right?

Kelly at The Centsible Life writes more about family finances, less about hard core investing matters, her site is always a pleasant break from the debate over the Bush tax cuts, Roth conversions, etc. This week Kelly wrote Fashion Friday: Winter Coats, in which she talks about the deals she was able to find on coats for the kids this winter. Her frequent posts on deals she’s found are a real money saver if you have a family.

Next, my friend Jeff at Deliver Away Debt suggests 5 Easy Ways to Waste Money at the Market. A great “what not to do” list, I’d add one more suggestion – Let the parent who has no concept of unit pricing take the 12 yr old she can’t say ‘no’ to do the shopping. Maybe there’s a contest some days “how much can you spend without even having the making of one meal in those grocery bags?” My Jane would win that one, every time.

MD at Green Panda Tree House started a series on your first home purchase. The first installment Are You Ready To Purchase a Home discusses the things you need to consider even before you start looking for your first house. As with many financial matters, things you should start to learn in school but don’t. Hey, that what PF bloggers are for, right?

Last this week, Neal Frankle helps you decide between a 401k or Roth IRA? A Simple Approach. With all the RothMania of late, Neal offers a level-headed approach to this decision, a great read.

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