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An Identity Stealing Roundup

The first post that caught my eye this week was 5 Components of a Good Layoff Contingency Plan. Not so much because I’m planning to or fear getting laid off, but because this is one thing those involved in finance too easily overlook. We tend to look at taxes (of course), our saving rate, our return, etc, but the layoff plan, not so much. If you’ve not given this topic much thought recently, it may be time to read Fiscal Fizzle’s post.

Next, I saw a great interview with Chris Rea, Twitter Tuesday Profile: @BasicallyMoney. Chris runs Money at the Stack Exchange Network where I frequently answer questions.  A nice introduction to Chris and his site.

Next, at Wise Bread, David Ning wrote about 6 Indirect Ways Taxes to the Rich May Hurt You. David offers something to think about. In the economy, nothing happens in a vacuum. There will always be a ripple effect, the unintended consequence of one change or another.

At Money Help For Christians, Darren discussed Using Financial Ratios To Gauge Your Financial Health. As a numbers guy, I think these ratios are a great rule of thumb. Interesting read.

Canadian Finance Blog wrote about The 1929 Stock Market Crash. I’m a believer that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So, yes, we learned nothing from the S&L crisis in the late ’80s.

And my last great read this week was Kelly’s Protect your Identity Week: How to Protect your ID.She offers 7 great tips to help you save the time, money and hassle identity theft can cost you.

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