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An Ides of June Roundup

Is it Sunday already? Where did the week just go? I don’t know, either, I just know it’s time to present my best reading this past week.

My friend Kay Bell asked Is it time to kill the mortgage interest tax deduction? Not that she was suggesting this was a good idea, she was offering her readers a look at Howard Gleckman’s proposal, writing at the Tax Policy Center’s TaxVox. I think that we need to first let the housing market recover along with the other financial markets. Remember, changes happen at the margin, taxpayers who close on a high mortgage today, counting on the tax deductibility of the interest may find that without that deduction, can’t afford the house. Those who haven’t bought yet would see an effective increase in the cost and therefore would only afford a lower value home. Tough change to introduce right now.

Anna Kronzer posted at Blogging for Change, To buy or not to buy: Kitchen Gadgets. This post overlaps Frugal, Uncluttering, and Cooking, three topics of interest to me. Anna offers a list of ten kitchen gadgets and her view of each. I didn’t agree with all of her conclusions, but that’s why there are so many gadgets out there, to each his own. Here’s my thought: Move all your gadgets to a different drawer or if that’s not practical, into a gallon size freezer bag. Each time you use one, leave it back in the regular spot. After a year, if you haven’t used something, it’s time to get rid of it for good.

At Smart On Money I read about 10 Things That Broke People Do (That Keep Them Broke). I love lists like this. They are a good how to/ how not to, and you can see if you are guilty of doing any of these things that make and keep people broke.

Jeff at Deliver Away Debt presented The Mega Money Tip List – 600 Money Saving Tips, if you read this list, over a few sittings, and don’t find at least a dozen tips, there may be no hope for you, sorry. Nice list Jeff, thanks for including one of my posts, much appreciated.

We’re nearly halfway through 2010 and all signs point to higher rates next year. Kelly Phillips Erb guested at Wallet Popper with a post titled 5 things you can do now to get ready for huge tax hikes in 2011. Tough times ahead, but I’d suggest not letting the tax tail wag the investing dog. Anything you do in advance of rising rates should be done with the big picture in mind.

By the way, the ides of March, May, July, and October are on the 15th, all other months it occurs on the 13th, but you knew that, right?


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