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In recession a year already

It would appear that the definition of recession is far more complex and more than “two quarters of negative GDP growth.” We found out last night that we are already 11 months into the current recession. This beautiful graphic (well hidden within the New York times website, so while I saw it easily on my iPod Touch last night it took quite some time to find it on the web today) illustrates some of the factors NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) takes into account. Click on it to view full size. More on this story Friday.


  • Jason December 3, 2008, 8:44 pm

    Yes this recession is different. First you see people shouting in glee that yes we are in a recession. Then consider the political infighting that we see daily. This infighting causes all parties to give money to whomever in hopes of getting votes during the next election cycle.

    Our leaders are not putting our nations best interest first. They are selfish imbeciles that need to grow up a play with each others toys.

    Yes it is true that we see a recession about every three years, and when we do they usually last about 8.5 months. This time politics will bring to the table spending and their denial of the situation wont get us out of this mess.


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