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Introducing Bargain Jack

A Guest Post/Intro from the folk at Bargain Jack……

If you enjoy finding deals and saving money, check out Bargain Jack.
Founded by Dustin and Sharon in 2006, this savvy bargain shopping site turned into a full-time gig for the financially cautious couple in the wake of the economic downfall a few years later. After establishing their site as a money saving authority among family and friends, Bargain Jack has since grown a loyal following of people, who appreciate the quality deals and easy-to-navigate design the site has to offer.

While discounts on computers, electronics and gadgets are prevalent, great deals on other products, such as patio furniture, clothing and books, ensure you will find discounts no matter what you’re shopping for. Bargain Jack not only features the best deals floating around the web but also has partnerships with many major retailers to provide savings found nowhere else.
Fortunately, the navigation of Bargain Jack is as simple and rewarding as the deals contained within. The site is specifically designed to be completely user-friendly, dividing deals into categories and allowing users to filter search results in a variety of ways. There’s no wasting time, sifting through pages upon pages of useless information. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and fast.
If it’s not the quality and value of the deals that brings you back, the simple to use design, combined with the confidence that you’re always getting the best deal possible, will. Bargain Jack continues to reign as a favorite among frugal-minded bargain shoppers everywhere.

(FTC Disclaimer – this was a guest post, uncompensated. I looked at the site and it looks like a great deal aggregator, I actually found two items I’d been wanting, but the deals had just expired. Take a look, it may become one of your favorite bargain sites.)

  • Super Amazing Savings July 20, 2011, 9:06 am

    I’ve never heard of this site and I’m going to have to check it out. I’m always in the market for a great bargain. It’s the only way to get some of the things we need and want as well as stick to a budget.

  • Chris February 1, 2012, 1:50 pm

    This seems like a viable site to shop from. It’s sites like these that will eventually drive Best Buy out of business.

  • uncle bob March 29, 2012, 8:54 am

    The financial downturn has affected everyone, its ways like this can help us save some pennies, bravo!

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