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Introducing the iPad


If you don’t know by now, I am a Mac fan. I don’t know where one draws the line between a happy user and a fan-boy, but I probably straddle that line. My current desktop Mac is 8 years old (an MDD G4) so I’m not camping over night to get the latest invention. I had a hard drive based MP3 player that looked like a small brick until my wife and daughter bought me an iPod touch. At first, I was unimpressed, I had an MP3 player, now I just had another one. But then came the game changer, the apps. Now, I was able to use Pandora on the iPod, and stream music right to my headset, no computer needed. I was able to program and control my TiVos from the iPod without interrupting the show that was on. I could sign in to my desktop Macs and control them from across the house. The two lingering thoughts I had were “I’d love this thing to be bigger, the size of a trade paperback book” and “give me 3G wireless so I’m not tied to the house or looking for WiFi.” I got my wish.


  • Jeff January 30, 2010, 8:52 am

    So I guess your mind is already made up. Good luck getting it. I think it looks pretty interesting myself. I have a MacBook and a 24″ imac that I love. But with the horsepower I already have I can’t justify another purchase, besides I don’t seem to have the time to play with anymore sweet gadgets.

    Have fun Brother, I look forward to reading “This post was created on an ipad”

  • JAL January 30, 2010, 5:35 pm

    I have a 2008 MacBook Pro and an iPhone 3GS… love them both and couldn’t imaging life without them. When the iPad was introduced this week I too wondered who would want one, or how I could possibly justify one when my MBP and iPhone essentially already do what the iPad is supposed to be able to do. Then it hit me…

    Every night before falling asleep and every morning after waking up I like to spend about 15 minutes laying in bed reading things like news headlines, emails, Twitter feeds, and weather forecasts using my iPhone. But with my middle-age eyes, and even with reading glasses on, I sometimes struggle to comprehend the tiny text on the iPhone screen. It’s aggravating. The larger screen and 2X display mode of of the iPad would undoubtedly solve that problem, and I’d have the bonus of a pretty slick ebook reader. So after hearing some very positive early reviews of the iPad, I’ve decided to buy a 3G model this summer.

    This post was made on a MacBook Pro. 🙂

  • JOE January 31, 2010, 12:35 am

    Exactly. In bed at night is when I realized how great a larger sized iPod would be. Let’s compare notes when we both get ours.

  • Fremont January 31, 2010, 2:04 am

    Apple’s revolutionary iTablet will eventually blow up after this initial push period during its launch. The touch screen and Job’s potential to fix hardware will help to make the product a monster in time.

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