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The Mavens’ Christmas on a Budget

Did I miss something? It’s December already? How did that happen? I was just wishing everyone a happy “10,” has the year nearly come and gone already? Time to think about the upcoming holidays, and time to read a few of my fellow Maven’s Christmas posts!

Let start with Jeff (from Deliver Away Debt) who wrote Christmas 2010 On a Budget. Jeff wrote this back in July, and with “150 day to go” gave some great advice how to save for the big day. Jeff will help you avoid the dreaded “debt hangover.”

From Len Penzo came A Peek at My Kids’ 2009 Christmas Lists.Interesting to see kid’s strategy and what they hope for. For the holidays this year, my 12yr old wants a puppy. Not happening. Sorry.

On another topic, Neal Frankle posted on Guaranteed issue life insurance and Disability insurance for the self employed.

The Military Wallet explained Thrift Savings Plan Contribution Limits. These plans are a bit like 401(k) accounts, but for government employees. Now you know.

At Money Help For Christians (I have to say, the advice there will work regardless of your religion, good stuff there) Craig offers Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball: Paying Off Debt Spreadsheet. Sometimes the little extra help you get by visualizing the numbers is enough to get you motivated, and on a path toward debt reduction. Nice work.

Monevator talked about An emerging market index fund for UK investors. Overseas (from the US) investing is one of my weak points, this is a nice article to help me out.

And last this week, at Canadian Finance Blog, How to build an Emergency Fund. My fellow Maven, Tom Drake takes a crack at helping you get your emergency fund going. It’s never too late, until you have an issue and wish you started some time back. Why not start today?


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