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A Money Crashing Roundup

A Roundup on Tuesday? Uh, yes. As some of my tweeps (followers on Twitter) know, I’ve been working on my basement, finishing it myself, with a bit of help, here and there. The last few days have been spent down there as I’m getting it ready for the next steps, insulation, and an inspection before drywalling. Have to get it delivered before the snow comes.

This week’s roundup takes it name from my friend Andrew’s site Money Crashers. This past week, he introduced a page of Top Personal Finance Blogs, the “ultimate ranked list of the best personal finance blogs and allows you to rank by sub-categories like Banking, Budgeting, Christian, Deals & Coupons, Frugality, Investing, and Retirement.” If you’re a fellow blogger, take a look and see where you rank, if you are a reader interested in finding other great blogs, let them know your found them through Andrew’s list. I debuted at #150, not bad.

Next, Money Help For Christians’ Craig Ford tells us why An Emergency Fund is Not a Luxury, it is a Necessity. Amen to that. Craig had a bad last couple weeks and shares why he really, really needed emergency money. Good luck, Craig, I wish you well.

Len Penzo tells us the 10 Unique Halloween Treats That Kids Love – But Rarely Get! This caught my attention as we’re less than two weeks from this holiday,  and I’ve not done my shopping. Given how we can never buy just the right amount of candy and either come up short or are swimming in sugar for weeks after, I’m considering getting a roll of dollar coins, and playing it safe. What kid won’t take a shiny dollar?

Timothy Ng guest posted at Canadian Finance Blog, Top 15 Credit Card Blunders. If you use credit cards, see if you’ve made any of these blunders. Come, on, you know you’ve made at least one.

Green Panda Treehouse asked Do You Live Within Your Means? This is really one of the most fundamental questions we can ask of our financial lives, it tells us whether we are in the red or in the black each month. It’s the difference between digging a hole or building your security.

Last this week, I enjoyed Neal Frankle’s How To Get (and Keep) Your Child Safe Around Credit Cards.When it comes to your kids, it’s up to you to teach them what they need to know about money, don’t rely on their friends, neighbors, the media, it’s your responsibility to be the the first teacher of this important subject.

Have a great week.


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