Apr 23

Last week, I hinted that it was time to move on, and this will be my last regular post regarding the Money Merge Account scam sold by UFirst agents. A few reasons. After 30 weeks of non-stop analysis, there’s simply not too much left to say. I believe I’ve covered most aspects of the (bad) math used, the tactics agents use to promote the program, and the alternate ways to pay down your mortgage if that’s what you’re goal is. Those who seek an alternate not so objective view, the opposite of the agents pushing it, are welcome to read through my postings or download the PDF summary, which I will bring up to date. I’ll continue to discuss my thought on mortgages in general and take questions on the topic. I realized over the last few weeks that my time was better spent bringing articles to my blog for a more general readership, and to focus less on just one scam. For more discussion on MMA, there are a number of ongoing comment threads, including at The Simple Dollar, The Fraud Files, Bargaineering, and ActiveRain. So long as there are desperate people seeking solution to some kind of problem, there will be those who are happy to separate them from their money. The battle continues, I hope I helped save some readers from throwing their money away.

If something major happens which is worth sharing, or if someone offers an interesting guest post, I’m open to posting another installment in the future. Caveat emptor.


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