Jul 22

A small bit of news to share today for those who have been visiting here to get more information on the Money Merge Account, a so-called mortgage accelerator which does little but line the pockets of those at the top of the pyramid MLM (multilevel marketing) company that sells it.

From a fellow nay-sayer (read that – someone else who is able to see the obvious, that one can pay their mortgage off on their own) comes these details. From a total 30,500 systems sold, these are the data regarding customers who have logged in each month:

Jan 953
Feb 896
Mar 891
Apr 787

Jan 7534
Feb 7328
Mar 7401
Apr 6968

What is the point? Very simple. Fewer than 25% of those who bought into this program are actually using it. This is the system that requires a log in to their system for any income or expense, at a minimum, once per pay period to properly use its features. For all of the claims of satisfaction by the agents, it appears that most customers are abandoning the system soon after purchasing it. If this system were any good, would you expect 95%+ usage rate? This company is dying a slow death, and there’s no evidence to suggest otherwise. Good riddance.


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