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Money Merge Accounts

My March feature article discusses Money Merge Accounts. This system came to my attention a few months back in the form of a question on a usenet newsgroup. Since then, I’ve gotten as much information as I’ve been able to uncover and am staying with my gut reaction, that if one has the money and desire to pay their mortgage off early, they would be best off doing it on their own. I’ve also spent some time and created an MMA spreadsheet which will let you enter your own number and decide for yourself. Add a comment to request a copy. If it helps you save $3500, please donate $35 to your favorite charity in my name.

In other feature articles, I’ve discussed Bi-Weekly Mortgages, and the general topic of pre-paying one’s mortgage. The larger message here is that there are many approaches to take, but whatever you choose to do needs to be in the larger context of the rest of your financial situation.

Note: I’ve added a page on the sidebar with links to sites that discuss MMA in greater detail.


  • Ana Rivera January 4, 2011, 11:52 am

    Hi “Joe,”
    I found your blog by googling how to pay off mortgage early, after receiving solicitations from John Cummuta, the author of “Transforming Debt Into Wealth.” (I haven’t searched your blog for any entries on him; I’ll do that next). That google search led me to an article on MMAs, to which you’d posted various replies, as recently as yesterday. I’d like to receive your spreadsheet – would you please send it along? Thanks so much.

  • JOE January 4, 2011, 12:01 pm

    It’s the first link on my Money Merge Account Links page. Thanks for stopping by, Ana, don’t get ripped off!

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