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The word schadenfreude means “taking pleasure at someone else’s misfortune”. I was seeking the opposite of this word and found the word “mudita”, which is “happiness in another’s good fortune.” Which leads me to the topic of today’s post.
Back in March, another blogger, whose blog is titled Unequivocal Notes said she was considering a gold fund, and I posted a brief comment to try to steer her away from that idea. In a follow on post she confirmed that she chose other funds and passed on the gold. So, I was recently thinking about this, and wanted to see how her choice is doing.

The good news for my blogging friend, is her choice of FFNOX is down just 5% compared to the gold fund’s near 17% drop, and actually was a bit ahead of the S&P index. When someone benefits from my advice, it’s mudita to me, as I hope that I can help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made, and share what I’ve learned.


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