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My Frugal Cut

Hair cut that is. I read and reviewed Dr Thomas Stanley’s Stop Acting Rich some time ago and one of the things I kept thinking about was how the average millionaire next door doesn’t spend half of what I was spending on haircuts. When I did the math, it was clear that my haircuts were another latte factor in my life. Enter Wahl.

Every other month or so, Costco sends out a coupon book, and I’m sure to only use the coupons for items I’d buy anyway. (How about that $2.50/lb coffee after coupon? Not too shabby.) A few months back they had the Wahl hair trimmer. After the coupon it was less than I was paying for one hair cut. I have to admit, the first time I used it, I picked the length that was too short. Ah, but 5 days later it looked great. The next time it was dead on perfect. 5/8″ is how I like it, just longer than a crew cut. I don’t mean to put barbers out of business, but anyone whose hair is kept short may consider that even a cut every 6 weeks is still costing over $100/yr at the barber shop.


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