Jan 16

This week I read a post by Monevator titled Why a little passive income from a side project is worth a lot more than you think. I liked this article, people need to get thinking about income beyond their day job and this is a great first step toward that goal.

Neal Frankle takes a crack at explaining How A Mortgage Works. It’s remarkable how many people don’t quite understand this yet, and you are among them, let Neal give you a hand.

At Canadian Finance Blog, Tom Drake explain what a Price to Book Ratio is. This is yet another one of those Wall street terms you hear, but may not understand. A quick read and you will.

Craig Ford tells his readers how to Send Money or Transfer Money With These Fast Free Ways.

And one of my fellow Mavens, Len Penzo Is Giving Away $100 to a Lucky Reader. Who can’t use an extra C note in his pocket? Submit your name and tell Len Joe sent you.

That’s all for now, back to a regular roundup from around the blogosphere next week. Be well.


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  1. Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog Says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. twentysomethingmoney Says:

    A great lineup of links, thanks for sharing. looks like i have some reading to do!

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