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A New Year’s Resolution Roundup Part Two

Last week, I found I had such a great selection of New Year Resolution blog posts, that I was unable to narrow it down to a list short enough to share in one post here. So let’s get going with the rest….


Jim Wang at Bargaineering plans to invest half of his emergency fund account into the stock market. At present, his EF is a full year’s expenses, a pretty healthy sum.

Matthew at Mint.com posted Financial New Years Resolutions You Can Keep, a top ten list of his resolutions of concrete, tangible goals. No “save more” or “spend less” on this list. Among the goals: (10) Make or update your will (amen!) (6) simulate bad news, a dry run to understand how to survive a financial disaster, and (1) don’t buy a house. Visit and read the full post to understand why Matt’s not buying this year.

Mark Miller at Retirement Revised offers a Resolution for a new decade: Work with meaning. This single resolution introduces this thought with “The Greatest Generation. . . the Silent Generation . . . And now, the Over-indulgent, Self-Centered Generation? It doesn’t sound too good–and it’s an unfairly harsh judgment, from my perspective.” A thought provoking post on the generational changes we are witnessing as boomers age.

On Gen X finance Charissa wrote Five Foolproof Financial Strategies That Will Ensure You a Better 2010. More  a list of suggestions of strategies to adopt than resolutions,  if you’ve not set up your own goals for the year, here’s a few thoughts to get you going.

Single Money Guy has five great New Year’s Money Resolutions focused on credit and debt. Among them, getting rid of the little extras that add up over time, such as that $4 latte that keeps you $1200 a year to the poorer.

Last post I’ll share in this resolution roundup is Free From Broke’s New Year’s Resolutions Are Bulls@%t! If only to provide a bit of a different view, a discussion of how resolutions are quickly broken and soon forgotten. FFB also offers suggestions on how to move from potentially unachieved resolutions to meaningful goal. A nice end to our two part resolution discussion.

What are your goals this year? Leave a comment, please, and let me know.


  • SingleGuyMoney January 10, 2010, 10:34 am

    Thanks for the mention. Happy New Year and good luck with your financial goals.

  • FFB January 10, 2010, 7:36 pm

    Thanks for including my different view!

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