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An Olympian Finance Roundup

No, I’m not writing about the games, I decided I like the summer games a bit better anyway. But, with less regular TV, I has a great week of blog reading. So, let’s get going….

Trent at The Simple Dollar talked about When Living Cheap Catches Up With You. An interesting discussion of what happens after years of making do, not buying new, and in some cases, not keeping up with repairs. Prioritizing to get back on track.

Clutter is something I think many of of struggle with. I know I have and last July even guest posted about it at Serene Journey. This week I read The Clutter Calculator: What is Clutter Costing You? Tanna Clark hit my hot button, as a numbers guy, by actually listing what each type of clutter source may be costing you, both in time and money. Have a read and let her know if her advice helped you.

Worried about the AMT (alternative minimum tax)? Consumer Boomer will tell you How To Avoid Alternative Minimum Tax. Any ideas that can save me from paying money to the tax man is most welcome.

Christian PF’s Craig Ford asks How Much Can You Afford to Pay For a House? Craig takes a conservative view, and offers reasons to avoid the temptation to stretch to buy the very largest house you can afford. After giving it a bit of thought, I agreed with Craig’s approach for many reasons, and wrote a comment sharing my view.

In Personal Finance By The Book, Joe Plemon asks Should You Leave an Inheritance to Your Children? His article was less to tell you what to do and more to get people thinking about the impact an inheritance can have on your children or grandchildren. One of the topics too many ignore until it’s too late to do anything. Time to think about how you plan to leave your “stuff” when you pass on.

Some time ago I posted Dilbert’s Unified Theory of Everything Financial. It seems that Scott Adams, when he’s not writing about life in an office cubical, has quite the financial head on his shoulders. I was pretty happy to find him posting an article on his blog The Problem With the Economy. Ok, maybe it’s not the only problem, but, hey, it’s a good start.

Have a great week.


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