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PF Bloggers Roundup

A few of my fellow bloggers’ posts worth a read:

First, from Adam of Man vs Debt, comes a post “What Are You Willing To Consistently Pay More For?” A week or so ago, Adam asked this question of his Twitter followers. (Note, I am on Twitter, tweeting as JoeTaxpayerBlog as my name was already taken by someone else.) He took these answers, and offers his own views on the many situations in his own life as well. My tweet to him was for a local movie theater, for others, the answers ranged from good beer to comfortable travel.

J.D. of Get Rich Slowly had a guest post Why I love the Roth IRA. The post was well written and covers much of what you need to know, even thought it reached a different conclusion than my post of last July, Loving That Roth?

I also like Miel and James’ of Dual Income No Kids post Credit Scores Should be Reengineered. I’ve written many posts regarding credit and FICO scores and remarked how the calculations don’t always reflect risk as I see it. M&J go though each of these criteria and describe the current system’s flaws. Nice piece.

Five Cent Nickel offers How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early. With rates as low as they are, I’m not sure sure early payoff appeals to me, but if were looking to pay off early, FCN gives a good overview to the different ways to make it so.

On a closing note – I continue to field some questions posted at Moolanomy Answers, so come on over with your question and see if we can help you.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

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