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A Pre-Thanksgiving Roundup

At Frugal Dad, Jason answers a reader’s question Should I Withdraw from My Roth IRA to Pay Off Debt? One comment really answered this question best, in my opinion – What’s the interest rate on the debt? And, by the number of comments there, it’s clear most questions don’t have just one best answer. It all depends.

At One Money Design – Easy Crockpot Meals: Save Time and Money. I don’t yet own a crock pot, but I’ve been thinking about it. Jane said she never cared for crock pot food, but I just attribute it to the fact that her mom’s cooking isn’t very good no matter how she prepares dinner. (Disclaimer – I love my mother in law, her cooking, not so much. I’m happy to cook for her any day.)  I like the idea of being able to cook something and not having to stand right there in the case of the stovetop, or really not wanting to leave a hot oven alone. Turns out these are pretty cheap, so if I make a few meals and decide it’s not for us, it’s not a big loss. But if it’s used now and then, it might open the door to some new recipes.

One Frugal Girl tells us This is Why the Post Office is Going Out of Business.  Hmm, and I thought it was because of the internet and online bill pay. I suppose it all adds up.

At My Personal Finance Journey, What is Your Opinion of the Occupy Wall Street Protester Eviction in New York City? I learned that the park is a “Privately Owned Public Space” which has some interesting repercussions. It’s not subject to the curfew laws of publicly owned parks, in fact it’s required to be open 24 hours a day. I’d imagine however, that as a privately owned area, protests of this kind can be banned. On the other hand, I’m in favor of free speech, I just wish I knew what they were trying to say, there is still no clear message that I can discern.

After my post about The Poor Millionaire, it was interesting to read Dinks Finance Is More Money Always Better?  Kristina’s view appears to be close to mine, that there are trade-offs between the money and the other parts of your life. For many, workweeks over 40 hours simply aren’t worth that extra money.

And to wrap up another great week of reading, The Digerati Life’s 14 Staycation Ideas & Ways To Save Money With Local Travel. Not every vacation has to mean hopping a plane to some exotic destination. Here are 14 great alternatives to that expensive trip.

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