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Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

I know that Apple products are just things. They are not a cure for cancer and do not (yet) create world peace. Yet, my computer and iPad have become a part of my daily life, and I am grateful to own them. It might not have hit me as hard if Steve had first retired, grew old and died, I think much of the sadness for any of us is that he died too young. By coincidence, my wife’s uncle passed the day before Steve. He was 96, and while his death was sad, it wasn’t tragic.

People have a tough time understanding the connection that one can feel with a product. Me, I’ve never loved my car, but I know some guys do, they wash it, they wax it, etc. It’s my Mac that I’ve always said I loved. And even though a google search implies otherwise, I’ve never actually heard anyone utter the words, “I love my PC.”

Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. I’ll always wonder what marvels you might have brought us had your time here been longer.

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