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Some Delicious Links

When I first heard about the website del.icio.us (yes, it was a clever domain name with ‘icio’ as the registered name within the top level .us) I looked a bit, and it seemed interesting, a way to track my bookmarks independent of what computer I’m on. But, until I started my blog, I didn’t think I’d use the site on a regular basis. Now that I rediscovered Delicious (they got the domain delicious.com registered now) and found it would be a convenient way to share other sites I find interesting without the need to do a separate post or continue to add to a blogroll.

I have added two menu boxes; to the left one tracking links to sites relevant to the 2008 election, including a link to the latest Rasmussen Poll data. To the right, I added access to the latest links of financial articles I’ve recently enjoyed.


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