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Carnival Of Top PF Posts #7 – Some Runners Up

Yesterday, I launched the Carnival Of Top PF Posts #7 (Have you voted yet?) in which I offered my choices for the top six posts of the 50 submitted to the carnival. Here, I’d like to share a number of the posts that didn’t make the top six, both to offer these bloggers a bit of press and to show you how tough it is to judge these carnivals, as there are great writers out there. Enjoy.

Deposit Accounts presents Don’t Forget to Plan for Windfall Money posted at Deposit Accounts.

Peter presents Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Not Budgeting When Things Are Going Well posted at Bible Money Matters, saying, “Budgeting only when things are not going well is a big mistake. Budget even when things are going well and you’ll be successful.”

Tyler Tervooren presents My Journey to Become a Green Investor – Part 4: The Final Decision posted at Frugally Green, saying, “This is the final installment of my journey to become a green investor. After copious research, I have finally selected the best fit for me, explain my decision making process and reflect on the month of research done to allow myself the peace of mind in selecting an investment that I won’t need to fret about.”

Money Smarts presents Save Money With Zero Percent Balance Transfers posted at Money Smarts, saying, “Zero percent balance credit cards can save you interest and money.”

Brad Chaffee presents An Inconvenient Myth: The Marketing Effect posted at Enemy of Debt, saying, “Thank you!”

DebtLite presents 64 Thought Provoking Quotes on the Meaning of Money posted at School Loans.

FMF presents The Most Useful Thing Students Can Do to Prepare for the Job Market posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “This post details the one thing students need to do to prepare themselves for the job market and gives examples of how to do it.”

Craig Ford presents Poor Man Wins Lottery  Will it Help or Hurt Him? posted at Money Help For Christians, saying, “Take critical look at our assumption that money is the solution to all our problems. Reveals that money does not solve all our problems.”

Tushar Mathur presents When It Pays To Use Cash For Purchases posted at Everything Finance, saying, “For years there have been many consumers who have charged through life (pun intended) putting any and all expenses on their trusty credit card. Roughly half of those consumers managed their accounts responsibly and benefited from the many perks associated with using their credit card and paying the balance in full each month. The other half….well many of those people are dealing with the fall out from the economy and struggling with high levels of debt.”

PT presents 5 Ways to Save for College posted at Prime Time Money, saying, “Thanks for your consideration!”

Jeff – StretchyDollar presents Developing Patience With Your Financial Progress posted at StretchyDollar, saying, “Thanks for considering my post!”

d. ninja presents The best financial moves I’ve ever made. posted at Punch Debt In The Face.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents 5 Effective Tactics for Dealing With Debt posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Savings Toolbox presents Saving Strategies to Put More Money In Your Pocket posted at Savings Toolbox.

  • PT Money June 16, 2009, 8:57 am

    Thanks for sharing my post, Joe.

  • Jeff@StretchyDollar June 16, 2009, 9:29 am

    This is a great idea. Thanks for including my post!

  • Craig @ Money Help For Christians June 16, 2009, 8:56 am

    Thanks for including these additional posts. Great Idea.

  • Tyler@ Frugally Green June 16, 2009, 9:34 pm

    Thanks for the opportunity! Lots of great writers out there. I hope to make the front page some day! 🙂

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