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A Spring 2013 Roundup

We start this week with Young Cheap Living’s Open a Roth IRA and Buy a House? Um, No Thanks. It seems that Kraig doesn’t care to tie his money up long term, not in a house nor in retirement accounts. I never minded the tied up factor, but agree it can be a bit off-putting to some investors.

At Afford Anything, Paula Pant discussed whether to Pay Down Your Mortgage or Invest the Cash? It’s not a simple decision, in fact, there’s no ‘right’ answer, only what’s right for you.

The Amateur Asset Allocator asked Dave Ramsey Investment Advice: Is It Really THAT Bad? Kyle’s concerns included David’s suggestion that investors can expect 12% annual returns, and plan for 8% per year withdrawals at retirement. I’m in agreement, neither of these expectations are sound advice.

The Investor tells readers Why you probably shouldn’t be picking stocks (again). A great read on why individual stock picking is a losing battle, and the average investor lags the market by a huge margin.

We’ll end this week with Donna Freedman’s In which I cop to some odd habits. Sorry, Donna, you are 100% normal, an interesting look at what you may think odd, but a list of quirks that most of us probably can relate to.

Spring is here, but we still have 6 foot piles of snow out back, global warming, I know.

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