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Superbowl Sunday Roundup

While you’re waiting for the game to begin later today, why not enjoy some good personal financial reading from my fellow bloggers?

Money Help For Christians started the week for me with 10 Tips For Knowing When To Refinance A Mortgage (with Free Mortgage Refinance Worksheet). Some basic, but important advice you should read if you have a mortgage and are considering a refinance.

At CoupleMoney, Elle asks (and answers) What is Amortization for Mortgages? It’s a great topic, one I obviously never tire of. Understanding how mortgages work will help you use them to your maximum advantage, keeping your interest enpenses as low as possible, and paying the mortgage of early if you wish.

My currently snowed-in tweep Mrs. Micah knows What is the Difference Between Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft. Why doesn’t the press? It seems that in all the hype, much of the data presented includes a simple credit card theft as Identity Theft. Give this article a read to really understand the difference.

The Smartest 401(k) Book You’ll Ever Read? Uh, nope, and The Financial Buff Tells us why. Too bad, 401(k)s are often misunderstood, and not used to their potential. Bad books on the topic don’t helf any of us any more than those who give out bad advice.

Craig at Money Help For Christians also wrote 101 Ways To Improve Your Marriage Money Relationship. Before you skip it, perhaps thinking that your not interested in being preached to or hearing about some bible approach to money, I read the list. The atheist should skip three of the 101, but not ignore the rest.

The Debt Hawk offered some House Buying Tips: Buy A Home Below Your Means. No argument from me. Nice thought packed into a brief article, but a big enough concept that it takes a book (such as “Stop Acting Rich”) to really discuss this otherwise simple concept.

Mike at The Oblivious investor uncovered 8 Lazy ETF Portfolios. An interesting read, I feel compelled to go back and review it very slowly. One portfolio stands out in this list, Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio which advocates 25% gold, and only 25% in stock. Note, Mike doesn’t recommend any one of these, just offers them as examples with comment on each. A good article to close out another week of great reading.

Go Team! (I’m not choosing.)


  • TheDebtHawk.com February 7, 2010, 9:20 am

    Thank you very much for mentioning my article on buying a home that costs less than you can afford. I hope that your readers like it!!

  • Mrs. Micah February 7, 2010, 9:18 am

    Thanks, Joe. 🙂 Snowed-in I am!

    I think the media like the hype of “identity theft,” which everyone knows is a very serious issue that costs the victim a minimum of time and energy and possibly credit and other opportunities. The more common it seems, the more ppl who will tune in. *sigh*

  • Elle February 10, 2010, 10:57 am

    moneyhelpforchristians.com touts that it is “a biblical approach to personal finance.” I am smiling. The advice there seems, as is often the case with personal finance sites, perhaps not what everyone should do yet reasonable enough. Still it is mildly amusing to me to see a formal, recognized religion invoked to justify good personal finance practices. On the third hand, I can think of worse things that people use religion to justify. Say, is there a moneyhelpforjewishfolks.com site? Also as an agnostic, I sure could use some money help, too, and I do not know where to go. Hopefully Joe lets me keep chattering here.

    Note: The “Elle” referenced in Joe’s post above is not myself but some other who has shamelessly expropriated my near-copyrighted ID, speaking of ID theft.

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