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A Tax Geeks and Wonks Roundup

First, congrats to both Kay Bell (Don’t Mess With Taxes) and Tax Girl for making the 64 Tax Blogs for Geeks and Wonks list just published at CPA Trendlines. Quite the honor.

Canadian Finance offered How To Cut Your Grocery Store Costs, 22 ways to be precise. An excellent list, I already follow many of them, planning, coupon use, etc. but can do a better job at others, buying less food that’s been pre-cut or prepared, for example. Check it out, see how many new ideas you find.

At Deliver Away Debt, Dr Matthew Constas, PhD guest posted Debt: A Surprising Cause of Obesity. Interesting article, but not so surprising to me. The snacks and soda that always seem to be on sale are high calorie, low nutrition foods. I can easily understand how low income leads to poor eating habits. Another reason to save, budget wisely, and keep your health, both physical and financial.

Next, Len Penzo discusses Tip Inflation: We’ve Got Nobody to Blame But Ourselves. I’m with you, Len. When did 15% become the minimum for average service and 20% or more for good service? More than this, when did that tip jar come out at every coffee shop and take out place?

Monevator lists some Low cost index trackers that will save you money. ETFs (exchange traded funds) are a great way to buy a basket of stocks that track a particular index and have very low expenses. Typically, less than 1/2% per year.

Finally, Miranda Marquit guest posted at the Military Wallet, Should You Enroll in Biweekly Mortgage Payments? A nice detailed post, Miranda offers the pros, cons and alternatives to the Bi-Weekly mortgage. Good information.


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