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Tax Withholding and Standard Miles Rates Update

My second year writing for the TurboTax Blog has finished, and I’m happy to say they have signed me on to begin a third. I’ll be taking a summer/fall three month vacation from the guest posting and back in November with another look at some great tax related topics.

My last two posts were published just over a week ago, and are good reading.

First, a look at Tax Withholdings and Your W-4. If in April you got (or owed) more than $1000, this article will help you understand how to adjust the money withheld each paycheck. I know a big refund feels good, but it also means you lent Uncle Sam money interest free.

And my last post of the season, The IRS Increases Standard Mileage Rates to 55.5 Cents Per Mile. In a rare mid-year move, the IRS updates the standard rates for those who take a tax write-off for miles driven, whether for business, medical, moving, or charity. Check out the full article and let my friends and TurboTax know Joe sent you!

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