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Taxes Taxes Taxes Roundup

This week starts with a personal note. I was in Austin, Texas earlier this week, and to my utter horror was told by the grill worker at a cafeteria that I could not order a burger medium rare. “Health department rules,” he told me. I smiled, told him I understood, and asked him to take it off the grill as soon as the government would allow. Truth is, I don’t understand. So the day I got home I barbecued a couple rare ones just to even things out.

My guest posting at the TurboTax Blog set a new record. First “Can I Take the Home Office Deduction?” which I answered Monday. Friday, Tax Moves to Make Now, and yesterday, MORE Last-Minute Tax Filing Tips. This triple-header closes out the 2010 tax season, but of course, taxes aren’t just for April, they deserve a bit of attention year round. And year-round planning is preferable to that last minute tinkering any day. Enough about me, on to the best tax posts from my fellow bloggers…

At Don’t Mess With Taxes, Kay Bell has been running a Daily Tax Tips Series. She’s set up a monthly index so you can easily find the exact titles of interest. And I bet she makes her burgers at home. Just saying.

Ryan at Uncommon Cents is thinking Wow. Taxes Were Ugly because he owes $1000 to the Feds. Our income is variable and owing means two things, a good income year, and no whining writing that tax check.

Considering The Tax Shelter
CCL photo credit: JD Hancock

Five Cent Nickel did an excellent job explaining the options If You Owe Income Taxes and Can’t Afford to Pay? There are three choices and Nickel walks you through them all.

Jeremy at Generation X Finance wrote 24 Ways to Save on Your Tax Preparation Fees. 24? Wow, that’s some list Jeremy, nice work. Not to give away too much detail, it’s broken down into 9 ways to get prepared for your tax appointment, 10 ways to save money on your tax return, and 5 benefits of using a tax professional.Not just for now, a good list to get ahead of the curve for next year.

At Free From Broke, Paying Taxes with a Credit Card: Pros and Cons.While I appreciate the “two sides” approach to issues, I’d stay away from charging your tax bill.

One topic I don’t run into too often is bartering. You know, I’ll do your taxes if you mow my lawn, or something to that effect. Did you know that if your trading services like that, you owe taxes? Amanda at My Dollar Plan explains How to Report Taxes on Bartering for Goods or Services.

Smart on Money was smart enough to get Pamela King to guest author 30 Tax Organization Tips For Faster Filing. What a great list. Bookmarked for reference, worth keeping real handy as we plow through the new tax year.

And to close out this tax roundup, Bruce the Tax Guy has Last-Minute Tax Deductions for 2011. Maybe you’ll find one you missed?

It’s a wrap. Happy tax day.

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