May 11


This week congress passed legislation requiring on-line stores to collect sales tax  based on the buyer’s state of residence. This really isn’t a new tax, when you buy an item from an out of state vendor, you are required to pay your state sales tax when you file your tax return. It seems no one ever does, so this was simply a matter of enforcement.

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3 Responses to “The Internet Sales Tax”

  1. Grayson @ Debt Roundup Says:

    I am glad that you spoke about it not being a new tax. So many people are up in arms about it being new and that is because they aren’t paying the USE tax that they already owe.

  2. Dilip Sarwate Says:

    Joe: Has _Congress_ (meaning both chambers) passed the legislation or only the Senate thus far, with the likelihood of passage in the House up in the air as the cartoon in your post implies? Love the pun in the title of the cartoon!

  3. Free Money Minute Says:

    I thought this was just in the discussion phase and has not yet passed?

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