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The White Picket Prison

For many, that’s what the American dream has turned into, a white picket prison. Jobs are not coming back yet, the recent drop in unemployment points toward a higher number of people who have given up. And housing prices have yet to stabilize.

  • The Real American February 10, 2011, 10:11 am

    After Considerable Bible Study, Careful Historical Research, and Much Prayer: I must boldly state that, The Current Economic Crisis is the least of all America’s worries….

    We are currently looking at: A Worldwide Currency Collapse [Rev 6:5-6], The Complete Collapse Of Egypt [Isaiah chapter 19], Civil War In The United States With Eventual Foreign Interventions [Isaiah chapter 18], Culminating In A North American World War III [Rev 6:7-8], A Christian Holocaust In America [Rev 6:9-11, Isaiah chapter 18], Tens Of Millions Of Uprooted American Israelites And Jews Being Forced To Relocate To Israel [Isaiah chapter 18 and Jeremiah chapter 50], The European Union’s Invasion Of Jerusalem For Exactly Forty Days [Mathew 24:15-28], The Nuclear Destruction Of Rome [Rev 18:8], The Invasion Of Europe By China And Her Allies [Jeremiah chapter 50 and 51, Isaiah 47].

    And Then All Of The Other Nations Shall Come Up Against Israel – culminating in: “The Great Feast Of Yahweh” – known as The Battle of Armageddon – and He shall shatter them once and for all. No longer will men raise themselves up against Yahweh – for they shall truly understand the futility of doing so!

    Most Importantly, this period of “End Time” transition has already begun – noticeably in Egypt; but the signs of what is also coming here are already fully present. Meanwhile, The So-Called “Conspiracy Theorists” are quite correct – in regards to what is now happening [Isaiah 8:11-18]. For “Babylon The Great” – what many refer to as “The New World Order” – has grown drunken in its success; and thus careless in its concealment.

    But, of course, The Housing Markets do seem to be a bit shaky; and The Job Markets are short of [even] low paying jobs. But, it could be worse… and I can assure you, that it soon will be!

    Note from Joe – the above is on-topic, not spam, and agree or not, I respect the time it took the author to write this.

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