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This week’s blog reading

First was Jeff Rose’s 12 Common IRA Mistakes To Avoid, a great list of mistakes, many of which I’ve discussed in various posts on my own blog. Maybe it’s the list format that attracts me, or maybe it’s just that the first few are the issues that we know about, so when an author digs deep enough, 12 here, he comes up with gems that aren’t commonly discussed. Take a look at Jeff’s list, I promise you, you will find at least 3 things that didn’t occur to you.

Mike at Four Pillars wrote, Is Dave Ramsey A ‘Financial Expert’, and I’ll not ruin the punchline for you. I did write to Mike sharing my agreement with his conclusion and mentioned I had a Dave Ramsey post of my own on the drawing board.

I also found that J.D. updated his reading list with “25 Essential Books About Money: Financial Wisdom from Your Public Library.”I’ve maintained my own suggested reading, but J.D. has gone one step further, offering a mini-review for each book and nicely grouping them into topics: Debt Reduction, Everyday Personal Finance, Investing, Financial Independence, Psychology of Money, Kids and Money, and Financial Journalism. I consider myself pretty well read, but J.D.’s list will be the source for my library requests for the next few months.

I also took some more time to read Sherri’s serene journey, last week her recent post was my find, but reading her site some more let me to her series on Eliminating Clutter. She start the first of three posts offering how clutter costs (thus the tie-in to my financial focus) in Time, Money, and Health. The series does a great job to offer ideas of clutter’s source and how to get it under control. Her blogroll includes Unclutterer which offers daily tips on how to organize your home and office.


  • Four Pillars June 28, 2009, 9:48 am

    Thanks a lot for the link Joe.

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