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This Week’s Roundup

This week we start with the remarkably prolific Miranda Marquit’s article How to Rollover Your 401k to an IRA, an excellent overview of this tricky process.  The only minor point I’d add the her article – if you wish to convert from the 401(k) to a Roth IRA, it’s preferable to first transfer to a traditional IRA. This lets you accomplish two things. First, a controlled transfer, the ability to convert just enough to keep from getting into the next bracket. And second, you will have the ability to recharacterize should your investments tank, or your income increase enough that you are above the bracket change.

Mr Money Mustache tells us Why I am SO Not Buying an iPad 3. While my high school English teacher would cringe at the use of “so” to mean something like “really,” I understand why the Mustachian is not getting the latest iPad. He had enough gadgetry in his life. I have it on my wish list. By the way, Apple has rebranded this product line. The latest iPad is not being called iPad 3 or iPad HD. It’s simply being called “iPad.” Me? I’m waiting for the Apple store to have it in stock, no lines, no waiting.

At Money Help For Christians Craig Ford answers the questions Is Credit Card Usage a Sin? Are Credit Cards Unbiblical? Craig offers a fair look at this topic, and reaches the same conclusion as I do when it comes to card usage.

At Darwin’s Money, a discussion of What’s Your REAL Inflation Rate? Everyday Price Index. Darwin looks beyond the numbers our government announces and instead, analyzes his person CPI. Let’s just say that a 42% jump in his health care costs really impact his numbers.

We’ll wrap this week up with Hank Coleman’s Top Ten Reasons To Own A Roth IRA. I love this top ten list. With one minor correction I left in a comment, this was a great list and if you don’t yet know what a Roth IRA is, here are ten reasons to learn.

Tune in this week, on Tuesday March 27th, the Roth Movement takes place across over 150 financial blogs.



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