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A Thrift Shop Roundup

We’re going to start this week’s roundup with 10 Ways to Embrace the Frugal Life. A neat list by Money Infant, the hard core frugal among you probably do these things already. For the newly frugal, however, a great list to get you started.

At Lazy Man and Money, Your 401K is Costing You $155,000!?!? This is more an exclamation than a question. It’s the amount an average family stands to lose in fees over their investing life. With the new disclosure rules in place, let’s hope these fees are pushed down to something a bit more reasonable.


John Wedding who writes at Mighty Bargain Hunter got a Retirement savings wake-up call. You see, his retirement plan’s administrator sends an annual account statement that offers a calculation telling what fraction of income the account will currently replace. My friend John is up to 6% replacement, and feeling the pressure to step it up.

The Case For A Higher Minimum Wage was made at The First Million is the Hardest. Jay shares a convincing case for the minimum wage to be raised as President Obama suggested. What surprised me most is that minimum wage jobs aren’t just for high school kids, there are a great number of people who are just trying to get by, and the job market isn’t so friendly.

At Financial Mentor, Todd wrote that The Great Bond Bubble Is Now! What’s Next…  Todd goes into some great detail as to why there’s little room for rates to go down from here, and when rates rise, the bond bubble is going to deflate. It may not happen tomorrow, but it’s likely to happen one day and it won’t be pretty.

Let’s wrap it up with Billboard #1 Song In The US is about Frugality?!? Indeed, my friends at My Money Blog can’t help but be impressed that Thrift Shop hit Billboard’s top spot. Even rappers are going frugal. And that’s a wrap for me as well.

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    Thanks for the mention, Joe! I really appreciate it. I hope your readers get great value from the article.

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