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Today, I’ll be on the Air!

In September, at the Financial Blogger Conference I attended, I had the pleasure of meeting Gerri Detweiler. As her web site’s tag line offers, “you’ve got credit questions? I’ve got answers.” It goes on – Author. Talk Show Host. Speaker. Credit Expert.

I happen to sit next to Gerri at one of the event’s lunches, and in hindsight, no wonder she was so easy to talk to, she’s a professional interviewer. We had a wonderful conversation, about the event itself, the people, the energy in the room, and about what motivated me to write. I shared how I blogged as a side hobby, hoping to use my knowledge to help others, and offered examples of situations where I felt I had made a difference.

A few weeks ago, I heard from her assistant, I was invited to be on her weekly radio show, Talk Credit Radio. Today’s the day. The show is 11am ET, and I should come on at about 11:30. The live show is on Sarasota Talk Radio WSRQ and I’ll add a link when the podcast is available.

For her listeners who’ve come to visit, my article Inheriting or Bequeathing an IRA should be an interesting one to learn more about what I planned to discuss today.

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