Sep 29

Today’s discussion of how to decide between the Traditional IRA or the Roth IRA appears as a guest post at Moolanomy Personal Finance. There, I offer an analysis to help you decide which one would benefit you most at each stage of your life. Please visit, and let me know what you decide.


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2 Responses to “Traditional IRA versus Roth IRA – Which One Should You Choose?”

  1. Britt G Says:

    Excellent article. As you state, it’s really a matter of guessing what your tax bracket in retirement will be relative to what it is now. And who can guess that? That’s why I favor the Roth IRA for now. Just go ahead and get it over with. Pay those taxes and hope that Congress doesn’t change the rules before I retire!

  2. JOE Says:

    Just don’t miss the opportunity to “fill the lower brackets” at retirement. Top bracket at retirement is important, but what will be taxed at 0%,10%, etc shouldn’t be overlooked.

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