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Trump This

It seems that Donald Trump has launched a lawsuit against a writer who suggested that Trump’s net worth is merely $150-$250 million. According to Trump, this amounts to slander, the claim, malicious, and hurt Trump’s business.
Funny, in a Wall Street Journal article yesterday, Trump is quoted as saying that despite a 30% limited partnership interest in a particular West Side (Manhattan) project, he “felt” like he had 50% of the project and publicly stated that was his share.
No wonder there are 5000 Google hits for [“Donald Trump” blowhard]. Of course, the Donald would say that anyone who speaks ill of him is envious. Fortunately, there are dozens of people far more well off than him whom I respect, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes among them. An article by Smoking Gun reports that after 9/11, even the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, donated $5 million to 9/11 related charities compared to Trumps $0. But I’m sure he felt like he made a nice donation.

  • Tammy May 21, 2009, 5:14 am

    If he has so much money you would think he would get a decent hair cut right? Sorry, that was mean wasn’t it?

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