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Two Posts, revisted

First, my United States of Innumeracy post in which I discussed a viral email making the rounds which claimed the bailout was equal to $250K or so per person. Coincidently, a couple weeks later, Forbes publisher, Rick Karlgaard, published “Math Boneheads, Pt II”, in which he expressed similar sentiment, only he was a bit more aggressive suggesting that the difference between the illiterate and innumerate is that “most innumerates have no idea they they are math boneheads.” I’m with you, Rich.

Next was my post “Send Fuld to Jail” in which I suggested that Sarbanes-Oxley be used to confiscate Fuld’s gains among others. Forbes, in the same issue I cite above, offers the same suggestion, only they felt that applying this regulation against former CEOs of failed banks was a longshot. Can’t say I didn’t try.

(Happy Turkey Day tomorrow.)

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